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The Best Service Plan is a Trouble-Free Product

By Matt Rossini on Aug 8, 2017 4:02:24 PM |


An annual service contract can provide peace of mind – at a price, usually high. Jaco offers a better way: Products so durable and reliable, and backed by such powerful warranties, they don’t require service contracts. Our customer data backs this up:

  • Per year, Jaco customers report problems with fewer than 2% of their carts.
  • Since 2013, just 3% of our customers have requested service or repairs on their Jaco carts.

  • Because of our proven reliability, and our strong warranties, the vast majority of Jaco customers – 99.2% – do not purchase service coverage over and above the standard service and support that Jaco provides with every cart at no additional charge.


Annual service contracts can cost $600 or more per cart per year. Because our customers don’t need to purchase this kind of coverage, they save considerably at purchase – and can save thousands of dollars over the working life of every Jaco cart they own.

Behind the numbers: Relentless focus on quality

This kind of reliability doesn’t happen by accident. At Jaco, quality isn’t a slogan on a poster, or a bullet on a slide. Quality is our obsession. We never stop looking for ways to improve the ease of use, durability, and reliability of our products. It’s a pursuit that drives everything we do, and the unique way we do it:

  • Simple design. Jaco engineers work tirelessly to get to simple, elegant cart designs that limit wear and tear on parts, and result in fewer potential failure points. Simple design results in products that are easier to use, minimize costly downtime, and maximize productivity.
  • Lightweight metal construction. Jaco carts are built with lightweight, aircraft-grade metal. Joints and seams don’t separate; surfaces don’t chip, crack or fade. Also important, metal construction allows us to finish our carts with a smooth, non-porous antimicrobial powder coat that can’t be applied to non-metals – and that stands up to rigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes.

  • Process for continuous improvement. An internationally-recognized ISO 9001:2008 Manufacturing and Design organization, Jaco maintains extensive service case records, and combs them looking for opportunities to improve the quality and performance of our products.

  • Rapid prototyping and manufacturing. The way Jaco builds with metal – laser-cutting and bending parts, instead of injection-molding or machining them – lets us bring new products and innovations to market very quickly. Within a matter of days we can prototype, test, and start manufacturing a part refinement or new feature that improves the usability and reliability of our carts.

  • Made in America, in our own manufacturing facility. As I’ve noted before, for Jaco ‘Made in America’ isn’t just about patriotism. Our on-shore, in-house manufacturing lets us repeatedly prototype, test, and deliver product improvements much faster than if we outsourced.

We innovate for quality, too

Like other companies, Jaco innovates to add new functionality and capabilities to our customers need. But we also innovate to improve the durability and reliability of our products.

For example, we were first to mount our inverter/chargers higher on our powered carts (Jaco UltraLite 300, Jaco UltraLite 500, and Jaco One). This keeps the inverter/charger away from the floor, and from floor-borne dust and dirt that can clog the cooling fan and cause damage, overheating and fires. Since making the change, our customer records indicate problems with just .5% of the power systems on our carts. That’s 99.5% reliability.

Then there’s our latest innovation: The Comfort Glide Lift Technology™ on our Jaco One carts. Comfort Glide is a refinement of the height adjustment mechanism in a previous generation of Jaco carts – carts so reliable, more than a thousand of them are still in use today after nearly a dozen years in the field. Comfort Glide delivers instant, silent, effortless height adjustment that’s so perfectly balanced and calibrated, and requires so few moving parts, we back it with a 10-year warranty.

The right approach

The best service contract in the world won’t stop your carts from breaking down. Durable, reliable Jaco make service contracts unnecessary – and they minimize downtime, require fewer refreshes, and ultimately leave you more time and resources to focus on delivering the highest quality care for your patients.

Matt Rossini is Vice President of Marketing at Jaco

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