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Franklin, MA December, 2011 – JACO, Inc. the national leader in mobile wireless computer carts and wall mounts announces major enhancements to the UltraLite 500 powered healthcare cart series. This sophisticated product family addresses virtually every need a nurse requires in a modern day mobile cart: light-weight, easy to push and pull, ergonomically designed, durable and customizable to meet their wide ranging needs. From an IT and administrative perspective the UltraLite 500 series is easy to service and is almost indestructible.

Fabricated from light-weight, aircraft-grade aluminum JACO carts will outlast plastic alternatives by many years, and with a best of breed battery technology and fleet manager software, UltraLite 500 workstations supply healthcare professionals with what matters most: maximum runtimes, minimal downtime and a long ranging return on investment. In addition to its superior construction, stress-free mobility and ergonomic design, The Ultra 510 laptop and 520 LCD models provide amble PC storage space and a well thought out ventilation system for safeguarding IT hardware and transmitting wireless bandwidth. Extra large work surfaces are also available to accept large laptop docking stations and small form factor PCs that require additional PC storage space. As a state-of-the-art metal fabricator, JACO is flexible and able to provide custom solutions to meet unique needs that fit your organizations requirements and objectives.

“We are proud to release numerous new enhancements to the UltraLite 500 Series product family,” explains Tom Bagley, Engineering Manager for JACO, Inc. “Offering a single and dual wheel caster option with our breakthrough TRAC steering system, clinicians and doctors are now able to enjoy effortless one-handed steering mobility in providing care.” Tom goes on to explain, “The 500 series can be equipped with single or dual locking or non-locking medication drawers for bedside medication verification (BMV). JACO’s storage system is also offered with configurable, removable med trays with lid separators for personalized patient medication management that prevent pill creeping.”

With a removable medication tray system, JACO provides clinicians with a giant leap forward in providing more efficient, stress-free workflow. Rather than moving an entire cart to a med dispensing station or medication room, nurses are able to remove a durable JACO tray to walk and fill medication without exerting any additional effort or wasting any time. JACO aims to put the bedside delivery back into personalized medication delivery. Offered with a push button or keyboard e-locking security system, JACO’s UltraLite 500 cart series will provide the needed security to meet the growing healthcare regulatory requirements.

JACO has been providing nurses, IT professionals, administrators and C-level management with products that are built to last by fabricating its solutions from light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum and steel for over 20 years. With this superior metal construction, deployment life will be exponentially longer than inferior plastic products. Affordably priced and made in Made-in-America, JACO’s mobile workstations provide the lowest total cost of ownership while answering the mobility needs of healthcare professionals.

JACO, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and integrator of custom designed, mission-critical, precision electro-mechanical products including JACO, Inc. Ultra Series™ wireless PC carts, the nation’s leading line of easily configurable mobile wireless PC platforms. The company recently introduced several new products including JACO Power Systems extended AC power for the JACO UltraLite Series, Wall Mounts, SmartPOWER, Intelligent Recharging Systems, CartCare Fleet Manager Remote Power and Cart Configuration Software and PerfectView Large Screen Mobile Presentation and Video Conferencing Systems. JACO, Inc. products are specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of today’s healthcare and office professionals. JACO, Inc. products are designed, manufactured, assembled and serviced in the United States. For more information, contact Matt Rossini at 508-553-1000 or at info@JACOinc.com. Please visit us online at www.JACOinc.com or call 800-649-2278. JACO, Inc. is located at 140 Constitution Blvd Franklin, MA 02038
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