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With the increased pressure on medical offices to implement meaningful use EHR systems, and the clinicians’ increased dependence on these systems, the support that you get from your medical cart manufacturer is more important than ever. Downtime associated with broken components or battery cells past their lifespan add up to a staggering amount of money very quickly, not only from the repairs involved, but also from the increased time that is spent by the staff.

IT may be able to respond to the problem quickly, but if you don’t have parts on hand, or if the manufacturer is unable to provide the parts in a timely manner, you could be have a medical cart down for days – or even worse, weeks.  During that time, your nursing staff is going to have deviate from their normal practices, going out of their way to obtain computer resources for entering and verifying patient data, adding up to even more expenses.

Customer service is one of the most difficult things for a medical cart company to get right, so make sure that your chosen manufacturer has the tools and staff in place to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Things like knowledgeable in-house support staff, inventory reserves, and quick shipping options are a minimum requirement. Ensure that they also provide on-site support options and a long term record retention system.  With a properly designated IT and Quality team, you may find that medical cart manufacturers are able to identify potential problems before you experience them, greatly reducing downtime.

What do you look for when evaluating medical cart support and service? How do you verify the differences between what support options are stated and what are actually provided?

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