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If you haven’t gone through an Epic software implementation process, prepare to be impressed. Epic implementations are well coordinated and managed endeavors, known for their high effectiveness and on-time results. Epic implementations efficiently meet project milestones, financial budgets, and software interoperability requirements.

A major piece of an Epic implementation project is the selection and deployment of point-of-care Electronic Medical Records (EMR) devices.  In most cases, Epic implementations utilize mobile computer carts, also called Workstations on Wheels (WOWs), to extend access of the EMR process directly to patients, ideally bedside.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at five key elements for the effective selection and management of a mobile cart rollout for an Epic Implementation, starting with:

Coordinated Deployments: A successful Epic implementation and Go-Live requires astute planning to ultimately deliver precision execution and real-time responsiveness. Mobile cart deployments are an intricate part of the process, requiring specific expertise. Manufacturers experienced with WOW deployments, and who are nimble and sensitive to changes in the rollout schedule, can offer health systems a major advantage.

Mobile cart manufacturers work closely with Epic implementation project managers throughout every step of the pre-planning process. This integration helps facilitate successful Go-Live by identifying and addressing required needs. Walkthroughs, stopwatch tests and pilot runs of the scheduled roll-out plans, for instance, often reveal opportunities for proactive process enhancement before the entire fleet of carts arrives.

Many health systems also need onsite integration to complement their IT resources. Assistive services from mobile cart manufacturers can include unpacking systems, recycling old technologies, onsite PC integration and imaging, packaging disposal, and user training.

With capabilities to provide factory integration and PC imaging, some manufacturers can supply a complete turnkey workstation the minute it’s delivered to the health system.

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