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Jaco Releases Comfort Glide Lift Technology™

By Mark Scapicchio on May 9, 2017, 8:00:00 AM |


Game-changing ease of height adjustment, with a 10-year warranty, now available on Jaco One medical carts

Franklin, MA, May 8, 2017 – Jaco, manufacturer of a complete line of point-of-care computer medical carts and other products for electronic health records (EHR), has released its Comfort Glide Lift Technology, an ease-of-use breakthrough available exclusively on Jaco’s flagship Jaco One medical cart series. Jaco previewed Comfort Glide at HIMSS 2017, March 19-23 in Orlando.

J1-20-HS-1.jpgComfort Glide features an innovative design that dramatically reduces the effort required to adjust the worksurface height, while simultaneously minimizing wear and tear on moving parts. And Jaco has taken the unprecedented step of backing the Comfort Glide lift system with a 10-year warranty.

The result, said Jaco CEO/CTO Fred Rossini, is an ergonomic dream come true for nurses, and a smarter capital equipment investment for hospitals.

“Comfort Glide and Jaco One make EHR mobility easier and more cost-effective for every stakeholder at the hospital,” said Rossini. “Nurses get truly stress-free height adjustment, without the burden of pushing around a big heavy powered lift cart. IT can spend much less time servicing and repairing carts. And management can invest confidently in a cart that’s a durable capital asset, not a commodity that needs to be replaced every few years.”

Effortless, durable, and whisper-quiet – by design

Comfort Glide’s distinctive ‘4-bar’ design, a departure from the center-post designs of most medical carts, is the key to its remarkable ease of use and durability. It’s actually a refinement of a height adjustment system used in older Jaco ZXP medical carts – thousands of which are still in service today after 10 or more years in the field.

The Comfort Glide 4-bar configuration enables a full range of height adjustment from a piston with a maximum 2.5” stroke – much smaller, lighter, and less susceptible to stress and damage than the larger pistons on center-post carts. The lift assistance is so perfectly calibrated, many users find they can easily move the worksurface up or down with one hand.

“Of course, Jaco recommends using two hands to adjust the worksurface of any cart,” said Rossini. “But Comfort Glide really is that much easier than a typical height adjustment. Nurses who try it notice the difference right away.”

Comfort Glide’s 4-bar design also minimizes the motion, stress and wear on all moving parts. And Comfort Glide’s precision-machined components are virtually silent during height adjustment.

An intelligent alternative to powered lift

J1-20-HS.69.pngTom Bagley, Vice President of Engineering at Jaco, said Comfort Glide and the Jaco One cart were developed to provide an easier-to-use, easier-to-own, more ergonomic alternative to carts equipped with electronic powered lift mechanisms.

“Powered lift mobile carts can be heavy, noisy and slow,” said Bagley. “Some take 10 or more seconds to adjust the worksurface height, and nurses we’ve talked to admit that they frequently work at a less-than-ideal worksurface height, rather than wait for the powered lift. With Comfort Glide height adjustment is instant and quiet. It doesn’t require the added weight of a motor. It’s a lot less likely to need expensive repairs. And it has a 10-year warranty.”

One of many innovations

Jaco One offers other design features and options aimed at maximizing the ease of use, reliability, and versatility of the cart. Jaco One’s inverter/charger is mounted high on the cart, instead of in the cart base, to prevent the fan from clogging with floor-borne dust and contaminants; the charger/inverter can be accessed from a comfortable seated position, without removing computer equipment, which speeds and simplifies routine servicing. New Jaco SL Storage, designed exclusively for Jaco One, is Jaco’s slimmest and lightest drawer system. And Jaco One can be equipped with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable power, or with Jaco POWER BLADE LiFePO4 Hot-Swappable Power, featuring a new, improved charger that charges batteries in 2 hours or less.

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