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Jaco Launches Ergonomic Resource Center

Franklin, MA, July 16, 2020 – Jaco, Inc., manufacturer of mobile and wall-mounted computer workstations for healthcare providers’ point-of-care applications today launched the Jaco Ergonomic Resource Center at https://jacoinc.com/ergonomics-resource-center/.

The Jaco Ergonomic Resource Center offers information about the prevalence and cost of nurse injuries in hospitals – and scores of tips and best practices for helping nurses avoid strain and musculoskeletal injury while using mobile and wall-mounted EHR workstations.

Jaco also announced upcoming publication of the Jaco Ergonomic Handbook for Point of Care Workstations, to be released on or around August 1. The book will include all the information in the Ergonomic Resource Center, plus specific instructions for proper ergonomic use of Jaco mobile and wall-mounted workstations. The Jaco Ergonomic Handbook will be custom-published for each customer based on the Jaco carts they purchase or are evaluating for purchase.

Reducing the risks of a high-risk job

The rate of days-away-from-work musculoskeletal injury in nurses – 46 cases per year per 10,000 in 2016 – is 56% higher than that of all occupations on average.

Nurses suffer most of these injuries while moving or repositioning patients. But in one study, 32% of nurses who used a computer reported some form of upper extremity musculoskeletal injury, and 60% of those injuries were due to poor workstation design.

Since Jaco began building mobile EHR workstations over 20 years ago, the company has made nurse comfort a design priority.

“Jaco incorporates findings from the latest independent, peer-reviewed research into the designs of our carts and wall-mounted workstations,” said Fred Rossini, Jaco founder and CEO. “And we make a point of sharing what we learn with nurses we meet, no matter what brand of EHR workstation they use. The Jaco Ergonomic Resource Center puts the sum total of everything we’ve learned and everything we shared for decades, all in one place.”

Lightening the nurse’s burden (and balancing it, too)

One of the least publicized facts about nursing is that during the course of an eight-hour shift, the average nurse lifts more than 1.8 tons.

“That’s a staggering amount of physical exertion, every working day,” said Rossini. “When we learned this, we were determined to not to add to that burden with a heavy EHR cart. We went on a mission to develop a full-sized powered EHR cart that was as light as we could possibly make it, without sacrificing strength and durability.”

The result is Jaco EVO, which weighs up to 60 pounds less than other full-shift powered carts, but is so strong and dependable that Jaco backs it with the industry’s only 10-year warranty.

Everything about EVO’s design is driven by Jaco’s holistic approach to ergonomics, obsession with reducing cart weight, and laser focus on nurse comfort. EVO’s Comfort Glide height adjustment is a perfect example.

“We could have built EVO with a powered lift, but that would add 20 or 30 pounds to the cart, effectively trading one ergonomic problem for another,” said Rossini. “Instead, we reinvented height adjustment with Comfort Glide Lift Technology. Comfort Glide has no motor and uses lighter parts than a straight-post lift. It lets nurses raise or lower the worksurface with just one hand, and it distributes the cart weight evenly over the wheels to make EVO incredibly easy to roll. It solves three ergonomic problems for nurses at once.”

The Jaco Ergonomic Resource Center is live now at https://jacoinc.com/ergonomics-resource-center/. The Jaco Ergonomic Handbook will be available on or around August 1 at the same location.

About Jaco
Jaco, Inc., located in Franklin, Massachusetts, is a leading manufacturer and integrator of computer carts and wall-arm workstations for point-of-care Electronic Health Records (EHR). Proudly manufacturing in the United States of America for over 45 years, Jaco has set the healthcare industry standard for superior infection control, ergonomic design and safety, sustainable quality and unmatched capital equipment investment value. Jaco is nationally certified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Woman’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and is an ISO 9001-2008 Registered Company.

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Matt Rossini
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Jaco, Inc.

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