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We’re always pleased to see Jaco carts featured in our customers’ promotional materials and videos. And we are particularly happy to see our Jaco UltraLite 210 laptop medical cart in this just-posted video announcing the new Beth Israel Deaconess in-patient surgical center in Milton, Massachusetts:

The new facility includes 12 private patient rooms and a state-of-the-art Sleep Center.

A non-powered laptop cart, UltraLite 210 has a starting weight of just 50 pounds, a slim design that takes up very little space (as you can see), and a remarkable low-profile wheelbase that lets nurses bring the cart right up against the bedside for the very best interactive patient care experience.

We’re proud that Beth Israel Deaconess has been a Jaco customer for more than 15 years – and that they still use Jaco carts from their original shipment, even as they continually expand and upgrade their fleet.

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