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Hot Swappable Power System Provides 24/7 Runtime for Powered Carts – Booth# 7446

Franklin, MA – JACO, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mobile carts and computer mounting solutions for the healthcare industry, announced the launch of its 300 UltraLite Series of carts, featuring Power Blade™, the company’s new power management system.  This hot swappable system enables 24/7 runtime, optimizing cart usage and enabling uninterrupted workflow during nursing shifts of any length. The 300 UltraLite Series is among the lightest powered carts available in the market, and can also be equipped with JACO’s patent pending TRAC™ Steering system enabling more productive and safer clinical rounds.

300 UltraLite Series mobile carts provide clinician access to electronic medical records and other clinical information systems at the bedside, in the hallway, or wherever needed.  The open design accommodates LED/LCD displays or laptops, and can accommodate accessories such as bar code scanners, drawers and baskets.  Cart power is provided using state-of-the-art hot swappable lithium batteries which last up to three times longer than other alternative battery chemistries, and are quickly rechargeable.  This affordable solution allows carts to provide computer access continuously.

Noreen Rossini, President of JACO, Inc., said, “With the increased need for computing at the bedside, information technology professionals are looking for ways to optimize their computer and cart investment.   At JACO, we have been developing mobile carts for over 20 years.  With the launch of the 300 UltraLite Series and its Power Blade power management system, we can help healthcare organizations keep their systems in use 24 hours a day, and significantly reduce their supply chain costs”

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