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On September 10, 2013 Apple announced the iPhone 5s, the most advanced iPhone to date.  Equipped with the new A7 chip, it will be the first smart phone to incorporate 64-bit technology to provide users with lighting fast performance when utilizing apps and editing pictures.  Another feature that may be of particular interest in the healthcare community is the second processor which gathers data from the phone’s sensors. The M7 coprocessors independently draws data from the compass, GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer and therefore allows app developers to tap directly into it for information versus putting additional strain on the main processor.

So then how could all of this technology possibly improve patient care?

With the iPhone 5s able to track your every movement, data is captured that distinguishes between whether the user is walking, running, sitting stationary and driving, even when the phone is locked. App developers can speak directly to the M7 coprocessor to paint a prefect picture of an iPhone 5s owner’s physical exertion.  Given a patient’s willingness to share information, Doctors could easily collect meaningful data about overall patient health during examinations and monitor treatment plans which involve specific exercise regiments.  All of this can be accomplished without having to make use of a wristband with built in sensors to capture data since the data is automatically captured by the iPhone 5s

Imagine the day when you’re sitting at a fast food restaurant and the phone alerts you to healthier eating spots nearby, and reminds you to get more exercise.  It’s coming!!


For more information on the iPhone 5s product design visit http://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/design/

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