Simple. Solid. Smart.

At Jaco, quality drives everything we do - and the unique way we do it.

Simple, elegant design. Jaco products are straightforward and intuitive; nurses understand how they work at a glance, and can start using them productively in minutes. Our simple, no-nonsense designs eliminate needless complexity and common failure points. We focus on creating and refining ingenius, dependable features that help nurses and caregivers get more work done with much less effort.

Solid, lightweight metal construction. Jaco carts look better, stay cleaner, and last longer – because they’re built better. Joints and seams don’t separate; surfaces don’t fade, stain or crack. Our carts are slimmer, lighter and easier to roll, because metal doesn't require the underlying reinforcement that adds bulk and weight to carts made from other materials. And we can finish our metal carts with a smooth, non-porous antimicrobial powder coat that stands up to rigorous disinfectant methods.

Smart capital equipment investment. Because Jaco products are so reliable, we can afford to back them with the strongest warranties in the industry. Our customers reap the benefits of fewer refreshes, minimal downtime, and dramatically reduced service and supply chain costs. Medical carts and point-of-care products represent a significant capital equipment investment for any hospital. And you can’t make a safer, smarter investment than Jaco.

The best service plan is a trouble-free product

For decades, medical cart manufacturers have offered annual service contracts with their carts. These contracts can provide peace of mind, but they're expensive, costing hundreds per cart per year.

Jaco offers a better way: Products so durable and reliable - and back them with such powerful warranties - that they don't require a service contract.

  • Annually, Jaco customers report problems with fewer than 2% of our carts.
  • Since 2013, just 3% of our customers have requested on-site service for a Jaco cart.
  • 99.2% of Jaco customers do not feel the need to purchase a service contract for their Jaco carts. 

By eliminating the need for service contracts, Jaco quality saves our customers thousands of dollars over the working life of every cart they own.

From the Fortune 500, to 1,000 hospitals nationwide

Jaco began in 1972 as a tool and die manufacturer, and soon evolved into a custom metal fabricator providing complete prototype-to-production services. Our customers included Fortune 500 companies and technology leaders—Motorola, Cisco, Raytheon and more—as well as many innovative startups. We quickly established a reputation for building products of exceptional quality, durability and reliability. But what really set us apart was our insistence on collaborating with our customers to improve and refine designs, simplify products, and drive unnecessary costs out of the manufacturing process—enabling our clients to produce superior, American-made products for an affordable price.

For the last 20 years we’ve focused on manufacturing our own line of medical computer carts and other point-of-care products to support electronic health records (EHR) initiatives. We bring the same commitment to product quality, customer collaboration, and cost-effectiveness to this work. Today Jaco products are deployed at more than 1,000 hospitals across the United States. We’re passionate about delivering continuous innovation that keeps you at the cutting edge of patient care. And we work relentlessly to produce defect-free products that outperform your expectations for ease of use, durability, reliability, and low cost of ownership.


Simple. Solid. Smart

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