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POWER BLADE™ Hotswap Battery Technology

Introducing the innovation that powers our new UltraLite 300 Series Mobile Computer Carts.

POWER BLADE available on the UltraLite 300 SeriesIntroducing the POWER BLADE™, our hot-swappable power system, available on the UltraLite 300 Series medical computer carts.  With POWER BLADE, you can deliver:

  • Up to 10 Hours of Runtime
  • Up to 3X Greater Battery Life Over the Competition
  • The Most Stable Lithium Battery Chemistry Available

Our unique, lightweight power system is based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, providing longer battery life.  Batteries are easy to swap and charge using our POWER BLADE™ charging system, and chargers mount on the desktop or on the wall – wherever carts are used the most. 

And IT departments will love POWER BLADE's built in technology. The standalone monitoring and control system available on the UltraLite 300 Series carts allows you to manage your cart fleet easily and securely, and without the installation and maintenance of a separate software package. All of our configuration and settings are accessible from a web browser, including the cart location alert system and eDrawer access logs.

POWER BLADE™ allows for hardware flexibility, so you can choose the right computer system for your organization - instead of the one that fits the cart.  Our lightweight, hot-swappable blades are based on advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, providing a greater lifespan than any competing product.