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WS-14 - Tablet Wall Mount

Learn about our new WS-14, a simple way to secure your tablets and protect your investment.

WS-14 - Wall Station for Tablets

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Wall Station Features

The JACO wall mounted computer workstation provides nurses with a simple, fast and effective way to access vital information and maximize care. Manufactured out of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum with a non-porous powder coat surface, JACO products offer optimal infection control protection to carry out workflow requirements.

WS-25 Wall StationDurable Construction: 
Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum design provides up to 10 years of use in a demanding healthcare environment.

Clean Finish:
Smooth, solid, non-porous surfaces allow for easy cleaning and proper infection control.

Hidden Cable Management: 
Eliminates cord tangle and clutter for nurse safety and IT maintenance.

Quiet Ventilation:
Provides effective airflow to protect electronic components and computer hardware.

Slim Design:
4” depth to meet healthcare regulations for in room and hallway use.

Designed, manufactured, assembled and serviced in the USA.

Secure Storage:
Locking PC storage system provides easy, yet secure access to computer hardware.

Ample PC Space:
Allows for mooting of most ultra-slim and small form factor PCs.

Ergonomic Keyboard:
Retracting keyboard designed to meet ergonomic distance to screen standards to safeguard nurses’ health.


WS-25 Wall Station



  • Brilliant Worksurface Lighting 
    Provides improved lighting for keyboard and work surface.  Excellent for nighttime use without disturbing patients.
  • Proximity Sensor
    Automatically blanks the monitor when clinicians walk away from the wall station. Helps meet HIPPA privacy requirements.
  • Fan Ventilation
    A 20 CFM fan ventilation system provides additional air flow to help protect your hardware investment. 


25" Wide, 48" tall, 4" deep 





IWS-33 Height Adjustable Wall StationAdditional Features

  • Electronic Keypad
    Provides a secure way to access the computer through customizable PINs programmed to each user
  • Secure User Tracking
    Event tracking software provides vital information about user log in and log outs from the wall station
  • Height Adjustment
    Pre-set programmable height adjustment to each users' unique preferences as well as quick and easy height adjustments any time.
  • Dimensions:

    33" Wide, 48" tall, 4" deep