PowerBlade Hot Swap Technology

Complete LiFePO4 Hot-Swap Power System

New and improved: POWER BLADE Super Charger 2.0 charges batteries in 2 hours or less!

The Jaco POWER BLADE hot swap power system – available on Jaco UltraLite 300 Series carts – is engineered for uninterrupted uptime, minimum IT and facility impact, superior long battery life, and uncompromised nurse and patient safety. POWER BLADE makes hot-swap more convenient and flexible, so swapping and power management never get in the way of providing continuous patient care. 

Charge faster – up to 2x faster. The new POWER BLADE Super Charger 2.0 recharges POWER BLADE batteries to 100% in just 2 hours or less. That's up to 2x faster charging than lithium ion (Li-ion) hot swap systems.

Count on long battery life. POWER BLADE lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are warrantied for 3 years or 4,000 recharges – up to three times longer than Li-ion batteries in competing hot swap systems. POWER BLADE's longer battery life can help reduce your recurring supply chain costs.

Swap smarter, without interrupting care. POWER BLADE's dual-battery configuration discharges batteries one at a time, giving nurses hours (rather than minutes or seconds) to swap a discharged battery for a fresh one. Because POWER BLADE chargers meet the 4” maximum depth requirement of most hospital fire codes, you can place them anywhere that makes swapping faster and easier for your staff. And POWER BLADE chargers and on-cart power units are mounted ergonomically at waist height, so nurses can swap batteries without bending or stretching.

UL320.PowerBlade-1.png Manage and monitor easily, without installing software. Jaco POWER BLADE's monitoring and control software is built into your cart’s embedded controller – so there’s no need to install software on the cart’s computer. In fact there’s no need make any changes to your IT infrastructure: Jaco's software works over your facility’s existing WiFi network, with any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) – and lets you monitor all reports from any web browser.

Make the safest choice for your care facility. POWER BLADE’s LiFePO4 battery chemisty is far less vulnerable to dangerours thermal runaway than Li-ion battery chemistry. And the entire POWER BLADE system – charger, batteries, and on-cart onverter – is IEC-60601 certified for patient proximity.

Learn more. Download our Hot Swap Shoppers Guide to learn how you can purchase the best hot swap power system for your budget. Or call your Jaco sales representative for more information.


Download our Hot Swap Shopper's Guide

The LiFePO4 Difference

Jaco has led the way in using lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) batteries to power our carts, instead of lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Here’s what LiFe means to you and your healthcare business:

Greater safety. LiFePO4 battery chemistry is far less vulnerable to dangerous thermal runaway than lithium ion (Li-ion) battery chemistries.

Faster charging. LiFePO4’s thermal stability allows more rapid recharging without far less risk of overheating, damage or combustion.

Longer battery life. LiFePO4 batteries can sustain many more charges – up to three times as many charges as lithium ion batteries.