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Superlight, with a Starting Weight of Just 30lbs

Engineered to address the growing adoption of tablet computers for Electronic Health Records (EHR) initiatives, The UltraLite 100 series cart perfectly complements the lightweight, compact, and mobile freedom a tablet affords end users. Whereas other mobile cart manufacturers have outfitted their existing mobile cart fleet with tablet mounts, we identified an opportunity to strip away as much material as possible to reduce the carts overall weight, physical size and cost. With a starting weight of just 30lbs this non-powered tablet cart is incredibly effortless to handle and easy to maneuver.

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Small & Low Profile Base Footprint

Featuring a small and low profile base footprint, The UltraLite 100 Series Cart can fit just about anywhere. The front of the base of the cart measures 13” in width and the back measures 16”. The depth or length of the cart, front to back, measures 16” and the low profile base is just 8” off the floor making it so it can fit easily under most patient beds, nurse desks and other locations of use. The cart comes equipped with 3” casters, with 2 front locking swivel casters and 2 rear non-locking swivel casters. With floor space being a major decision variable for a hospital, the UL100 Cart Series is truly a space-saving technology.

UltraLite 100 Series Locking Tablet Cradle

Customized Secure Locking Mounts

As an open platform for various tablet models, the UltraLite 100 Series Cart can be equipped with a customized locking tablet mount. Each lock is designed for a specific tablet model, which makes unauthorized removal much more difficult, but doesn't prevent use of any of the devices features. Available on the UltraLite 105 cart, the tablet mount features a programmable 4 digit keypad lock, and a wide pan and tilt range. Locking mechanisms are also available on the JACO Kubi Cart, the first highly portable robotic telepresence solution.

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Healthcare Tablet Applications

Leading EHR software providers are launching new mobile applications to offer greater access to patient information.  A hospital's IT staff now have the ability to roll out smaller, lightweight solutions for their clinical teams to address unique applications and meet Meaningful Use requirements. The UltraLite 100 series can provide a powerful tool for physician rounding, telepresence applications, and help with improving patient engagement with their medical records. Some organizations are also implementing this powerful non-powered tablet series in patient registration applications, finding that their patients and families prefer the ease of tablet registration over other means.

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100 Series Overview

  • Assembly: 
    • Ships Assembled
  • Material Construction: 
    • Lightweight Aluminum, Welded Steel Tube Construction
  • Antimicrobial: 
    • SilverSan Embedded Anti-microbial Powder Coat Finish
  • Ergonomic Design:
    • Pneumatic Gas Piston: Effortless Height Adjustment, 5° Angle
    • Steering Handles: Front Steering Handle for Effortless Steering
    • Compact Base: For Ease of Mobility and Bedside Steering
  • Cable Management: 
    • Internally Routed Wiring and Cables
  • Casters: 
    • High Performance 3” Casters, 2 Front Locking
  • Country of Origin: 
    • United States


  • Mobile Cart Warranty:
    • 7 Year Standard
    • Supplied Components Carry Manufacturers Warranty


100 Model, Laptop Podium Cart

  • Work Surface: 16” x 12.75”
  • Internal Electronics Bay: 9" x 10" x 1.5"
  • Worksurface Adjustment:
    • Minimum Height: 30"
    • Maximum Height: 46"
  • Base Dimensions:
    • Wheel Base: 13” x 16” x 16”
    • Base Height: 8”
  • Weight: 30lbs

105 Model, Tablet Stand Cart

  • Work Surface: 12” x 12.75”
  • Internal Electronics Bay: 9" x 10" x 1.5"
  • Worksurface Adjustment:
    • Minimum Height: 30"
    • Maximum Height: 46"
  • Base Dimensions:
    • Wheel Base: 13” x 16” x 16”
    • Base Height: 8”
  • Weight: 35lbs
  • 105 Series Optional Tablet Mount:
    • Locking Feature:
      • 4 Digit Push Button Combo Lock
      • Available for iPad and Many Other Tablet Models
    • Technical Specs:
      • Pan Rotation: 350°
      • Tilt Up: 70°
      • Tilt Down: 12° 
      • Portrait to Landscape: Yes

160 Model, JACO KUBI Cart

  • Work Surface: 12” x 12.75”
  • Internal Electronics Bay: 9" x 10" x 1.5"
  • Worksurface Adjustment:
    • Minimum Height: 30"
    • Maximum Height: 46"
  • Base Dimensions:
    • Wheel Base: 13” x 16” x 16”
    • Base Height: 8”
  • Weight: 33lbs
  • 160 Series Tablet Mount:
    • Rotation: 300°
    • Pan Up: 45 degrees
    • Pan Down: 45 degrees
    • Portrait to Landscape: Yes
  • Includes:
    • KUBI Robotic Telepresence Tablet Cradle

List of Compatible Options & Accessories

Keyboard Tray: Retractable with Ergonomic Negative and Positive Tilt with Left and Right Mouse Tray

Power Cord: Medical Grade Retractile, 8” Foot

Wire Baskets: Left, Right and Rear Post Mount

Wipes Holder: Left and Right Post Mount

External Lock: Laptop / Tablet Cable Lock

Custom Accent Colors

The UltraLite Series can be finished with custom colors to match the décor of each healthcare organization’s particular environment. With the proper infusion of color, caregivers are able to provide friendlier environment and therefore improve a patient’s experience during their stay.

Logos for Facility Branding

By offering custom silkscreens, we can take our customers’ logos and imagery to help them promote their brand which will allow them to communicate their technology investments to help improve patient care.

Product Sheet Download

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UltraLite 100 Podium Cart

Shown with optional Rear Mount 4" x 8" x 12" Wire Basket

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 105 Tablet Cart

Shown with optional Non-Locking HP EliteBook Tablet Cradle and Universal Barcode Scanner Holder

View Configuration in 3D


UltraLite 160 Kubi Cart

Shown with optional Dual 6" x 6" x 6" Wire Baskets

View Configuration in 3D



UltraLite 105 Tablet Cart

Shown with optional Locking iPad Mount, 4" x 8" x 12" Wire Basket, and 5" Sanitary Wipes Container Holder

View Configuration in 3D

*Computers and Monitors not included with any model